“Inspire & Involve” report

inspire text

From: Jim Simpson – Chair of Hollingdean Development Trust

Hollingdean Development Trust had a brilliant event last week attended by 45 local community activists, volunteers and residents as well as Brighton & Hove City Council people.  “Inspire and Involve” was participation and planning for real! 

We heard the results of a local community needs survey that we carried out, and we got into the nitty-gritty of solving and improving issues in the area such as traffic, community safety and the local environment.  It is so heartening and humbling to be part of a group that makes such an impact.  This group of people runs all kinds of local activities from supporting children and families, tai chi, yoga, community buildings and youth arts, through to events and celebrations, allotment building, healthy eating, developing a skate-park and campaigning on local needs such as community safety or greening.

To neatly ice the cake we had Ben Duncan (Cabinet Councillor for Communities, Equalities and Public Protection) address us and listen to our proceedings.  He made clear the Council’s commitment to community participation, local decision-making and introducing ‘participative budgeting’.  This will be a real shift in power to people and their communities and we look forward to the Council making this happen.

So well done to all those who organised in the event.  Onward and upward!

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