Children’s Centre café meeting

Thursday 14th May 7.30pm. A  bank of volunteers is needed to run the Children’s Centre café at weekends.  To begin with, the intention is plan to open for just a few hours on Saturday and build up to longer opening hours and then Sundays if there is a demand.  Initially the café will only be selling tea, coffee, juice and some cakes. 

childrens-centreWe need your help – it won’t happen without the involvement of residents.  As the café will be open to the public, safety is paramount and training will be given on fire safety, first aid and food hygiene.  These are all very useful skills and can add positively to any CV.

This project is one of the priorities identified at community meetings and surveys and  has been led by a small, very determined group of residents who are delighted that real progress has been made with the council.  Hollingdean Development Trust (who manage and operate the community centre and support projects in Hollingdean) have agreed to hold the lease for this; terms of the lease have been agreed and residents are just waiting on the finished lease for approval.

For more information please come along to a meeting on Thursday 14th May 7.30pm  at the Community Centre.

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