Hollingdean play park & skatepark

Message from Liz Lee (Community Development Worker)

playground flyer

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The council has  a small amount of money to spend on Hollingdean play park and skatepark.  The money has to be spent  by end March (and work started). From previous consultations the equipment shown on the attached plan was popular.  There are two alternatives for the bridge  – one is shown  below and the other on the attachment.

Playground slide

Click to enlarge image

I would really appreciate if you could email me any comments and would especially appreciate any comments from young people/children.  My email is: elizabeth.lee@trustdevcom.org.uk

The skatepark ideas have gone to the skaters for comment – if you would like more info about this, please let me know.   Many thanks

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2 Responses to Hollingdean play park & skatepark

  1. John Cook says:


    I hesitate to make any comment about the project as I am not a resident of Hollingdean community.

    But one point on the small funding from the council, don’t let them bounce you into a decision that is not right for your group. They are only giving you money that they took from the local community in taxes.

    You can “ring fence” the money & take your time in ensuring you make the right decision.


    John W Cook m – + 44 (0) 7528 472231 e – atquk@me.com

    Chair Patcham LAT – @Patcham_LAT Hate Crime Ambassador & Community Advocate

    The Patcham Companions Providing Dignity through Achievement

    Patcham Dementia Cafe’ (coming soon) Helping to create a dementia-friendly society

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