Travel Advisors

Helping You Travel
This summer the council’s Travel Advisors will be talking to Hollingdean residents on your doorstep. We’ll be offering information that could save you cash, such as how to get cheaper bus tickets and save fuel in your driving.

SignpostRewards for Travel Diaries
If you drive and would like to do a 1 week travel diary, we’ll be offering rewards such as free eco-driver training, or a strong bike lock, or a one week bus pass.

Real-time Bus Information
We’d like to know how we can support you to save some cash and get a bit more active by walking, cycling and going by bus. So, for example, if you’d like a real-time information board at a favourite bus stop, let us know.

Supporting Your Ideas
We’ve been working with the Hollingdean Residents Action group to see how we can support your ideas for environmentally-friendly travel improvements. If you have a project that you’d like to get off the ground, perhaps a family cycle club that needs a ‘Dr Bike’ to show you some maintenance tips or free locks and lights, or perhaps a group trying outings by bus that need some maps and suggestions, or a free bus pass for a group leader to try out the route, do get in touch, we’ve loads of ideas and can help.

Your Travel Planning team
We’re based at the Community Centre – so pop in and see us, and pick up some free cycling high-vis stuff
Tel: 01273 290498


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