Cutting Your Bills (Energy Saving) March 2012

Brighton and Hove 10:10 gave out hundreds of energy saving packs worth over £100 and held workshops showing Hollingdean residents how to reduce energy waste in their homes).

On arrival, people received free home energy saving packs (worth more than £100) that included energy meters to measure electricity use, radiator boosters and reflectors, and letterbox, door and window draught-proofing kits. Although relatively cheap, the draft proofing measures alone could save around £55 per year on bills. If every household in the UK installed these simple measures we’d collectively save £190 million or enough energy to heat 400,000 homes (source: the Energy Saving Trust). The packs could save the homes £255 to £530 on bills (source: manufacturers websites).

Householders watched builders from The Green Building Partnership fit the energy saving measures to doors, windows and radiators, had a go at fitting them themselves and asked the experts further questions on how to do it.

The energy saving events were funded by the Government’s Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) — a grant that Brighton and Hove 10:10, working with Hanover Action for Sustainable Living (HASL) and Hollingdean Development Trust successfully bid for in January.

Tom Chute, Brighton & Hove’s project manager said: “We are really pleased we could give out these home energy-saving kits and show people how to fit them. The day was a great success, so we will now be looking for funds to deliver further energy saving benefits to other areas of Brighton and Hove.”

Elizabeth Lee from the Hollingdean Community Centre said: “There is a real interest among the community of how they can make their houses warmer and cut energy bills, but often people don’t know how to go about it. Now they can go home and start improving their homes right away.”

One Response to Cutting Your Bills (Energy Saving) March 2012

  1. Alex says:

    This seems like a great event, I wish more areas around the UK were given these workshops. We have attempted to improve our energy efficiency as much as possible with our radiators, we invested in a radiator cabinet with reflective technology and have found our rooms retain the heat much better, we went with a company called Classic Radiator Cabinets

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